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Best Locations

A wedding is simply incomplete without pictures. This is due to the fact that pictures serve as a good way of keeping memories of your wedding. Nottingham which is a vibrant city in England has a lot to offer when it comes to choosing the best place to take wedding photos. Depending on who is helping you organise the event, they can also help with useful suggestions on where to take pictures. Although choosing a place yourself can speed things up, leaving everything in the hands of an event planner will ensure that you get the best place to take your wedding photos.

When you decide to do it yourself, without employing the services of an event planner, there are few interesting places you can take wedding photos in Nottingham. Colwick Hall Hotel is one of such places with outstanding view for wedding photos in Nottingham. Due to its location in the city, i.e. within a huge parkland, the venue is basically the home of Lord Byron, which can be related to the Saxon period, this popular venue is not too far from the City Centre. The ideal location should not be too far from the city centre, thus Colwick Hall Hotel has that proximity to the Nottingham city centre.

Another amazing place in Nottinghamshire is Hodshock Priory, which is awesome for taking wedding photos. This fascinating building is located just around the boarder of Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. This venue has gain a lot of popularity over the years as one of the best locations for taking wedding photos. There are other reasons why you would want to consider this venue for your wedding photos. This include the presence of a wonderful Italian terrace, which attracts thousands of people every year.

When choosing a place for your wedding photos in Nottingham, you should realise that not all venues are free. This is important because it will help you put everything into your budget during the planning phase of your wedding in Nottingham. Although you can get this information yourself, you should consider asking around, i.e. make enquiries from people who might have used the venue for their wedding photos in the past. In addition to asking friends or family members, you can ask your wedding photographer to help you with the ideal venue. Your wedding photographer in Nottingham is the right person to ask because chances are that he/she must have used some of the best venues in Nottingham.

In addition to the recommendations you might get from your wedding photographer in Nottingham, you should also consider places that has beautiful gardens, a place that will make your wedding pictures synchronise with nature. Because some places are busier than others, you should check to see if there is any need for some form of booking. You can check with the local authorities or the company that’s managing the place. This will ensure that you have everything ready for your big day.