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Nottingham Wedding Photography

We’re Steve & Sarah Mills – full time, professional wedding photographers based in Nottingham. We’ve developed a great reputation for our relaxed and informal style of wedding photography – we believe in allowing you to enjoy your wedding day, while we capture the fun and emotion of the day.

Its such a privilege to photograph a couple’s wedding – to provide them with stylish and timeless photography which will provide them with a lifetime of precious memories.



We’ve been professional wedding photographers in Nottingham for several years now, and in this time, we’ve picked up a lot of experience ……… experience which tells us when exactly when to press the shutter to capture that fleeting moment ….. experience which allows us to perform flawlessly and tell the story of your day in pictures – while working mainly in the background.

Wedding photographs are a good way of keeping unforgettable memories. When you have everything saved in pictures, you can look at it 100 years from now and smile. Your wedding day is a big day that needs proper planning – and choosing the best wedding photographer you can find, is part of it. Because of the changes brought by Information Technology, mobile phones are becoming smarter every day and the cameras built into these devices are becoming better as well. You can simply make use of your smartphone to take pictures at your wedding, but that’s not what you are there for right? Besides, let’s face it, you will probably end up with crappy pictures, which cannot be shared with anyone attending the event.



In order for you to have awesome pictures at your wedding in Nottingham, you need to employ the services of a wedding photographer – doing so will help you focus your attention on family members and guests at your wedding. There are many wedding photographers in Nottingham you can choose from, which makes it more imperative to take the time to choose the best. When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer in Nottingham, there are few things you should put at the back of your mind.

The first thing you should consider is the availability of the wedding photographer. Wedding planning is a gradual process and hiring the right photographer is an integral part of this process. So it becomes necessary that you put the availability of the wedding photographer into consideration. Make sure you check the wedding photographer’s website for information about their availability. You can simply contact the photographer to ask them about their availability.



The second thing you need to put at the back of your mind is the experience of the wedding photographer. Weddings are special events and having the right photographer for your wedding is important. You should simply request for the photographer’s portfolio, to see what they have done in the past. Although some wedding photographers in Nottingham have their portfolio on their website, you can contact the photographer and have them send it to you.

The third tip to keep at the back of your mind is the cost of hiring the wedding photographer. Depending on the photographer you find, most wedding photographers offer reasonable discounts when you book on time. If you are yet to contact the photographer, you can check their website for this information. Knowing how much the wedding photographer is going to charge you, will help you factor everything into your budget. So take the time to check and make sure you are comfortable with the cost of hiring the wedding photographer.



Another important factor to consider is the reviews of the wedding photographer. When you get access to the reviews of the photographer, you get to see what people are saying about their work in Nottingham. Going through the reviews will help you take your final decision on the wedding photographer.

We cover all of Nottingham, including these locations:

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Nottingham Wedding Photographers in Nottingham

So you have a wedding planned in Nottingham and need a wedding photographer that will get you the very most beautiful pictures in that area of Nottingham. Well we can offer just that and more, we know Nottingham very well and have worked there lots and so can easily get the best Nottingham wedding photos for you and your family.

How to Get the Best Wedding Photography in Nottingham

Embrace the unexpected

Always allow your wedding day to be what is should be, whether it is a rainy day, whether it is forgetting the jewelry you wanted to wear or running off your schedule. If you approach your wedding day with an open mind, you will allow spontaneity and magical moments to delight your day and make it unique to you.



If you have favourite spots in Nottingham then let the photographer know and especially if this is now at one of the popular Nottingham wedding venues. The photographers will often have their own favourite places where they know great photos are possible but if you have your own then do let them know.

A skilled photographer will not use the flash lights and filters to beautify the pictures. They prefer to capture the moments in broad daylight, without the use of camera settings or even the flash for that matter. This kind of photography could only be possible if the photographer is highly skilled and has a lot of experience in this field.




Another factor that will determine how awesome your wedding photos look is the lighting on your day. Remember lighting changes as the day progresses and the brightness of different photographs may vary. Make sure your photographer has good provisions with a flash or modifications that will mitigate the change in weather on your day to make your wedding photos superb.

Make arrangements for your photographer’s meal

Moving around and figuring the best angles for a perfect shot could be mentally tasking and draining. Suffice to say, it is then, to make sure your wedding photographer is well taken care of to allow time for a refreshment and meal at a particular time during your wedding. This will go a long way in rejuvenating him for a great wedding photography.



Aswell as our love of photography, we're also big on family stuff - you'll often find us kicking a ball round our local park with our son Andrew and Trevor the dog. Oh yes, and not forgetting our other favourites such as eating pizza, watching kids films, riding our bikes, playing tennis, walks in the Peak which end in a pub lunch ....... and finally, slumping in front of the TV with a huge bar of chocolate and a bottle of wine!  All photographers have different ways of working, so not all will be acceptable for any type of wedding. Because everyone sees the world differently, each photographer has a style of his own. People who are going to hire a photographer first must select which style is to their liking. A style that is different from conventional is something that will draw attention to future clients and will highlight among so many photographers.

So we cover all of Nottingham so if you are looking for another location then see our other pages which cover those.


In case you have any guest with mobility restrictions, it is vitally important to inform your photographer ahead of your big day so he plans the perfect setting while taking such shots for a great wedding album.

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